Destash me!

Maybe your stash exceeds life expectancy or maybe it’s just no longer inspiring you.

If the time has come to let your lovely fabrics go frolic in someone else’s garden, Destash Central can help.

What do we do?

We act as your representative.
We will take everything* you want to get out of your basement, garage, craft space, and storage area.
We will sort, inventory, price and store all your items.
We post pictures to the website, make deals, and bring your items to the online and in-person markets.
We do all the packing, weighing, and calculate postage.
We collect money from the buyer and track the shipment.

*Everything is too much.  The best sales are fabrics, research materials, and notions used for making historic clothing (garb).  We will take most anything that would be of use to reenactors, SCA members, LARPers, and coplayers.

What do you do?

You do the clean out and decide what you’re ready to part with.
Price all or some items and make note of anything of special value.
Prefer that we price the items? We will gladly do that for you.
Then you get the check in the mail, monthly. Prefer payment electronically? We can do that!

What does it cost?

Destash Central takes 20% of the sales.
We use services like PayPal, Square, and an online shopping cart to process credit cards.  These services cost about 3%.
You pay sales taxes on your annual tax return as you would with any garage sale.  Sales tax is about 7%.
That leaves you with a net income of about 70% of sales.

What happens if my treasures don’t sell?

We keep items for 2 years.
Inventory over a year old gets discounted.
After 2 years, we will donate your items to worthy causes.
We will gladly return any unsold items to you at your request.

Ready to start Destashing?

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